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What Should I Wear?

So, it's your time to get ready to smile for the camera, when suddenly, a haunting thought crosses your mind... "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!" 

It’s okay, Michaella Alexis Photography has some Tips regarding what to wear for your photo-shoot.

Picking Your Color: Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and your scenery. If you’re shooting in the Fall try to include warmer colors while incorporating brighter, softer colors in the Spring months. Try to avoid colors that match your skin tone. If you plan on standing out, do so with your clothing. Like wearing something classy in a natural setting or something bright in a dull city setting.

Coordinate, but don't wear identical clothing:  Everyone wearing the same patterns or dressed in the same color can be extremely painful and extremely bland. If someone is going to wear a pattern make them the star of the show (i.e. a small child.) Everyone coordinated with the colors of the pattern by playing with different shades or other complimentary colors. Try to stay away from one person being completely different from the group. You should still complement each other with colors in the same palettes. Choose 1-3 colors for your group portrait, ones with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color palette. 

Loose Clothing vs. Fitted Clothing:  Yes, I know we love our tunic tops and baggy pants but those could be a bad option for your pictures. Most of those items will sometimes make you appear larger and boxy. Fitted clothing presents a more polished look that complements your image. Try to choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow.  Aim for longer bottoms and choose dark socks and footwear (unless you want barefoot photos.) Just remember fitted does not mean tight!

Stray away from New-New Clothing: Of course you want to go out and buy something nice for the photo-shoot. However, sometimes it's best to bring out something else from your closet. New clothing could create discomfort because you haven't become use to it. That new clothing item could rise or fall too much and create aggravation during the shoot. We don't want frustration we want elation! 

Please mind your patterns: Patterns make pictures too busy. Above we stated that patterns are good for one individual. Everyone should not have patterns. If you decide to include patterns make them simple, not chaotic. Solid colored clothing items look best. Also, for close-ups, busy patterns may distract others from the intimacy of your portraits. If you want outdoor images the pattern may camouflage you with the woodsy back ground. 

New Hairstyle?: If you plan on getting a haircut or new hairdo, make your appointment at least  2 days - to a week prior to your portrait session. What if you don't like your hair for your photo-shoot? What will do the morning of? The days before could provide time to work your style so that your comfortable the day of the shoot!

Yes, wear your accessories: It's okay to wear earrings, a necklace or maybe a nice watch. It's not okay for those items to steal the shoot. When accessorizing, make sure your face is still the star of the show. Not your statement necklace or your other bedazzled clothing items. 

Be Prepared: Even though you may have one look included in you package, bring another outfit just in case. You never know what's lurking around the corner to get on your white shirt!  Tide-To-Go will not always do the trick. 

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Awh, your bundle of joy has arrived, and pictures are a must! Here’s some tips for capturing precious new arrival. 

Safety is first when it comes to newborn and baby photography! No hard or sharp objects will be allowed as props. The newborn should not be placed on high or unsteady surfaces without someone nearby to protect baby. 

Your magic window for the newborn is within the first 14 days of birth. Newborns are easiest to work with during this time because all they do is sleep! They are also the most easy to adjust during this time-frame. Consider taking your baby’s photos after his or her umbilical cord has fallen off (which is typically after 5 days or so).

Make sure that your newborn is feed and sleepy at the start of the shoot. That way we will be less likely to receive the fuss for the shoot. Also, your home will need to be very warm to keep your newborn comfortable.

One - three years old.

Mom’s thought: They’re growing up so fast, we need to get pictures! 
Have no fear, M. A. Photography is here! That’s the type of bubbly imagination that needs to be present on location for toddlers. They don’t want someone with a mean attitude staring at them with a camera.

That’s no fun!

Toddler candid images are the best. If you’re looking for that style of portraits, bring fun and a change of clothes. Favorite toys, balloons and bubbles make for some of the best props to get your toddler going. Candid images produce genuine smiles from your toddler. It’s best to set up an activity and gather the pictures from there.

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