Do you know how hard it is to introduce yourself… in writing? I mean seriously, you’re suppose to get your first impression of me via words on a screen. Ha, well I’m Michaella (Ma-Kay-la) it’s nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my glorious page.

First, God is so good y’all! He’s is constantly making a way and I’m thankful. I begun photographing people while in college in January of 2016. It was always a passion of mine to capture people at their happiest moments. Seeing them smile or feel extra special always made me happy. Read below for more simple bullets about me:

  • I love my family!

  • I love to write!!

  • I graduated from Western Carolina University, Go Cats!

  • I love music, all kinds.

  • I love love! (Does that make sense?) Like I love watching people love each other… Y’all cute!

They asked me why I enjoy being behind the lens, and not in front. Have you ever stared at an image and it made you smile instantly. That image was so satisfying that it provoked such a strong memory that it completely took you away from your current thoughts. It took you right back to the moment it was taken, it made you happy again.

My old photography professor put it this way: Photography is one of very few professions where it is okay to steal. We're not stealing any tangible thing; we're not taking anyone's valuables. We're simply stealing time, we're time bandits… stealing 1/1000 of a second that we can only revisit in memories and photographs. Isn’t that an amazing concept?